Heil Offers Financing And Leasing Options Through National Machine Tool Financial Corporation

Heil Environmental and National Machine Tool Financial Corporation have announced an alliance to provide financing and leasing programs for the purchase of Heil refuse collection vehicles.

Marathon Helps To Reduce Waste Production One Container At A Time

With the average American throwing away 4.5 pounds of garbage per day, it shouldn’t shock you to know that the entire U.S. population produces enough trash to fill a football-field size hole dug 100 miles deep each year. That’s enough to pack 63,000 garbage trucks per day. Lined up, these trucks would form a line stretching halfway to the moon.

Heil Environmental Training Programs Can Add Dollars To Your Bottom Line

Customers who purchase a Heil refuse collection vehicle add significant training resources to their business – resources that can improve operating efficiency, reduce maintenance costs, and add dollars to the bottom line.