Design Features and Specifications

A decade and half of design development has resulted in a number of specific advantages not found on other automated systems.

Operational advantages:


The cart pickup-dump-return cycle is smooth and efficient.

Click to see the Curotto Can working a typical route.


Mounting the arm behind the carry can moves the center of gravity back toward the front wheels. This provides the best weight distribution and reduces jarring and bouncing motions during cart pickup.


Teflon guides and sealed roller bearings evenly distribute forces on the arm eliminating any vibration.


The dump and slide cylinders are hydraulically cushioned to eliminate shock loading.


The cart pickup-dump-return cycle is smooth and efficient.


The advantages when working tight spaces

The advantages when working tight spaces: Curotto is safer and more maneuverable than an ASL.

Click to see contaminants being removed from the can.
Click to see the gripper picking up different size carts.
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Click to see the Curotto Can working around vehicles.


Unlike an automated side loader (ASL) which dumps the cart high off the ground, the Curotto-Can’s arm dumps the cart low to the ground. This is important because when trash carts are overloaded the excess often spills before the cart can be dumped.


The Curotto-Can’s offset arm does not need to be extended first for the cart to be dumped. When working in tight spaces, such as narrow side alleys, carts can be dumped by simply grabbing and lifting the trash cart straight up in an arc over to the dump position. Carts can be dumped within the distance between the truck's mirrors.


Because the arm is located ahead of the front axle it has a "boom-like" action. This action, combined with 60 inches of reach, enables the operator to easily maneuver the grabber around parked vehicles and work in tight cul-de-sacs.


The operator always has a direct sight-line to what is being dumped. It is easy not only to see and remove contaminants, but also to recover a cart if it slips from the grabbers. When a cart falls into the hopper of an ASL, there is no safe way for an operator to climb into the hopper and retrieve it because of the packing blade.


When an operator has to hand-load bulky items or furniture, the low lift-over height of the carry can makes it easy.


The gripper, although compact, is extremely versatile and can pick up trash carts in sizes ranges from 32 gallons to 106 gallons.


A front loader equipped with the Curotto-Can system offers better maneuverability and enhanced safety than an ASL.

The Low Maintenance Advantage

The Low Maintenance Advantage: Maintenance costs for the Curotto Can are much lower than an ASL.


Our automated carry can uses no complicated components or electronics. The simplicity of the product’s design reduces the number of parts required, making it easy to maintain and service.


The Curotto-Can features a rugged design that ensures a long service life for each component.


If a lubrication point is difficult to access, it might not get greased properly. All of the lubrication points on a Curotto-Can are easy to see and grease. Hydraulic routing is simple and well protected.


Maintenance costs for the Curotto Can are much lower than an ASL.