Marathon Helps To Reduce Waste Production One Container At A Time

Vernon, AL. (April 21, 2010) — With the average American throwing away 4.5 pounds of garbage per day, it shouldn’t shock you to know that the entire U.S. population produces enough trash to fill a football-field size hole dug 100 miles deep each year. That’s enough to pack 63,000 garbage trucks per day. Lined up, these trucks would form a line stretching halfway to the moon.
Americans and people around the world are starting to change the way they reduce, reuse, and recycle trash and waste. The amount of trash ending up in landfills in 2005 was 133.3 million tons, which was less than the amount that wound up in landfills in 1980 when the U.S had 70 million fewer people.
Marathon Equipment Company, manufacturers of solid waste and recycling equipment, is a big part of the solution, as they provide the largest selection of waste handling equipment available on the market.
“As part of the environmental solution for reduction in waste, Marathon Equipment Company is committed to educating the public on how they can reduce the amount of waste they produce, with the first step being how to separate recyclables from other solid waste products,” says Bob Quinn, Marathon’s Regional Sales Manager. “Then we provide the containers and equipment they need to manage solid waste and recyclables in an environmentally friendly and healthier way than throwing it in a landfill.”
Marathon is committed to education and supports their knowledge base by attending FMA Congresses. FMA is one of North America’s leading facilitators of educational congresses and provides platforms for sharing solutions on issues of environmental sustainability and energy reduction. The congresses focus on the most up- to-date green technologies and programs as they emerge on the market, while providing an atmosphere conducive to fostering long-term business relationships.
“These congresses are smaller events than we typically attend,” says Quinn, “but they provide us with an opportunity to meet and interact with more key people. Size isn’t everything because we’ve been able to meet more potential customers than we originally anticipated and, more importantly, we’ve been able to meet more of the decision makers in companies and organizations. This helps us to understand industry trends and determine the right product solutions for our customers.”
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