Marathon Announces New Exclusive Global Strategic Partnership With Zero Waste Energy To Produce Anaerobic Digestion Plants

Marathon Equipment Company has furthered their commitment to finding innovative ways to extract renewable economic value from waste by announcing a new strategic partnership with Zero Waste Energy of Lafayette, CA.

Through this exclusive partnership, Marathon will manufacture anaerobic digestion (AD) systems for Zero Waste Energy and both companies will collaborate on synergistic waste-toenergy market development and sales activities, like providing renewable CNG for refuse collection applications targeting the global waste handling customers of Environmental Solutions Group, of which Marathon is a part.

Autocar, Curotto-can, And Heil To Unveil The Future Of Automation At Waste Expo 2012

The move to automated collection is accelerating in the solid waste industry, and Autocar, Curotto-Can, and Heil Environmental are leading the charge with a completely integrated, customer-driven solution—the Automated Front Loader. By combining three thoughtfully designed components, these three companies are delivering the future of automation to haulers today. Their solution is pairing a lightweight Heil Half/Pack® Freedom™ front loader body with an Autocar Xpeditor chassis and a Curotto-Can Slammin’ Eagle container. They will be demonstrating this solution live at this year’s Waste Expo convention in Las Vegas, NV.

Heil Alternative Fuel Program Sets The Bar For Integrated Cng Solutions

Heil Environmental’s approach to delivering integrated compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel systems for refuse collection vehicles is changing the way customers look at alternative fuel solutions.

Heil has been building alternative fueling systems for their refuse collection vehicles for more than 10 years but recently discovered that customers weren’t always aware of their capabilities in this area. “We have a significant level of technical expertise with alternative fuels, but our customers didn’t really know that CNG was an area in which we excelled,” comments Randy Brown, vice president of sales and marketing. “As more customers come to us for alternative fuel solutions, word is spreading about the quality of our offering and our in-house capabilities, as well as our knowledge of how financing options can help a purchase.”

Save 10% Or More On Wire Costs With NEXGEN’s Tieger® Auto-tie Baler

TIEger® auto-tie balers from NEXGEN use highly efficient gear twisters, eliminating twister hooks and producing a knot with no pigtail. This reduces wire consumption and related costs by up to 10-percent or more. Hydraulic wire positioners precisely align the wires for pick-up by the inserter needles, making the TIEger the most reliable tieing system on the market.

Bayne Swing-a-way™ Lifter Uses Unique Design To Save Time And Reduce Worker Injuries

The innovative Swing-A-Way Lifter™ from Bayne Premium Lift Systems is specifically designed to save time, reduce costs, and help protect workers from back and other injuries associated with heavy lifting.

Bayne’s Swing-A-Way Lifter is an ideal solution for any commercial or industrial application that uses 6-8 yard front-loading trash carts. It lifts up to 500 pounds, requires little space to operate, and fits most locations with ease. The unit is mounted to a concrete pad near a dumpster or compactor, not a front loader collection vehicle, so no special equipment is required. The portion of the Swing-A-Way Lifter gate which lifts the trash carts simply rolls on a hinge, enabling the hauler to empty the container, and then swings back into place.

Bayne Premium Lift Systems Celebrates 12 Years With No Lost-time Accidents

Bayne Premium Lift Systems recently reached a remarkable safety milestone — 12 years with no lost-time accidents.

“Our entire team contributed to this important safety achievement,” commented Carmen Smothers, Bayne Sales and Marketing Manager. “We have implemented processes to enhance employee safety and have received enthusiastic support. To have a 12-year span with no lost-time accidents is a testament to our employees, their exemplary work practices, and their commitment to working responsibly every day.”