Marathon Launches New Eco-safe Digestertm For Safely Processing Organic Waste

The new Eco-Safe Digester from Marathon Equipment Company is an innovative breakthrough in confronting the growing problem of organic waste processing and disposal.

This new environmentally friendly product was designed in response to some staggering statistics. According to a 2008 United Nations study, about 30 percent of the food produced annually in the United States—about $50 billion—is thrown into the garbage. This equates to approximately 31.79 million tons of food waste, which the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates costs over $1 billion annually in disposal costs. In addition, the USDA reports that food retailers write off more than of 5.5 billion pounds of food per year, or about 2 percent of the edible food supply, with dairy, fruit, and vegetable spoilage accounting for half of those losses.

New Heil Durapack® 4060 Split-body Rear Loader Collects Multiple Commodities On A Single Route

Heil Environmental has announced the launch of the new DuraPack® 4060 Split-Body Rear Loader, a major enhancement to their offering of multi-compartment refuse and recycling collection vehicles.

The DuraPack 4060 is the ideal vehicle for customers manually collecting multiple commodities on a single route. It has the compaction power to handle bulky ferrous waste like used appliances and sheet metal scraps, and the sealing ability to handle wet waste like organics or food scraps. Additionally, by outfitting the vehicle with single or dual Bayne premium mobile lifters, owners can reduce the stress and strain on personnel manually loading the vehicle.

Environmental Solutions Group (ESG) Launches New Customer-focused Website

Environmental Solutions Group today unveiled its new customer-focused website. The site,, is designed to assist customers in better understanding waste streams and choosing products and services that can reduce costs and environmental impact while improving productivity.

Environmental Solutions Group (ESG) Announces Addition Of Dualift Roll-on/roll-off Hoists To Its Portfolio Of Mobile Refuse Equipment

Environmental Solutions Group announced today it has acquired the DuaLift product line manufactured by Refuse Parts Inc. (RPI) in Iberia, OH.

The versatile DuaLift product line offers a unique solution for commercial waste haulers operating roll-off equipment. The acquisition includes the DuaLift, KwikLift, and LowLift designs manufactured by RPI. “The roll-off business has essentially not changed in the last 30 years,” indicated Dick Williams, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for RPI. “RPI’s product line offering addresses many of the age-old problems haulers encounter in the roll-off business daily."

Heil Environmental Launches $6.4 Million Expansion Project At Fort Payne, Alabama Facility

Heil Environmental, an international leader in the manufacturing of refuse and recycling collection vehicles, has announced it will enhance the manufacturing capabilities at its Fort Payne, Alabama facility with a $6.4 million plant expansion project that began on June 18, 2010.

Heil Refuse Vehicle Makes The Cut In New History Channel “sliced” Episode

Chattanooga, TN. (April 27, 2010) — What’s the best way to understand how something works? According to John McCalmont, it’s to slice it in half.