Commercial Gripper

Leverage your investment in a commercial front loader by adding the cost-saving Curotto-Can Commercial Gripper system.


The Curotto-Can Commercial Gripper enables a commercial front loader to grab, lift, and empty 32- to 96-gallon wheeled carts using either outside- or inside-the-cab controls. It is specially designed to lift heavy carts, such as those filled with green waste, food waste, or recyclables like crushed glass.


Key Features

  • Eliminates the need for a second truck to pick up wheeled carts, which minimizes route duplication and reduces operating costs
  • Provides the best gripper system for heavy carts without damaging cart bar pockets
  • Positive lock system prevents carts from being lost in the hopper
  • Mounted lower and forward on the fork tube to eliminate interference issues and protect the top of the packer blade and canopy from damage due to collision
  • Route-proven technology means reliable performance
  • Tucks out of the way when not in use to enable collection of commercial containers
  • Patent pending


The Commercial Gripper can be ordered pre-installed on your front loader directly from the body manufacturer. For units already in service, a retro-fit installation kit is available.