Curotto-Can Automated Carry Can

The Curotto-Can Automated Carry Can has the fastest load time of any automated system on the market and delivers a proven 25% to 30% productivity advantage over automated side loaders. By using the robust reliability of a front loader, this carry can delivers game-changing performance that will enable you to service more customers, more quickly, in more applications.


Key Benefits:

  • Fastest load time - 4-5 seconds from wheel-stop-to-wheel-go
  • Radically more maneuverable - 25% faster around cul-de-sacs
  • Arm can be removed and replaced in two minutes
  • No prox or limit switches and no logic and/or driver cards
  • Eliminates cost of cart loss and damage
  • Maintenance and repair done with both feet on the ground
  • Utilizes the robust reliability of the front loader platform
  • Eyes-always-forward operation - no looking backward, ever
  • Operators can preview material before it is packed
  • Hopper is 4x larger than ASL (capable of taking large bulk)
  • Loads bulk material like a rear loader (eliminates chase vehicle)
  • Can be used as a commercial front loader without compromise
  • Never have to replace a floor from packer wear
The main innovations of the Curotto-Can

The Curotto-Can automated carry can has three main design innovations


A - the arm is forward of the steer axle

B - it utilizes the front loader platform

C - and it has a low lift-over height

A — Arm-Forward Increases Collection Efficiencies

The key factor in residential productivity is how long a truck is stopped in front of a house for a service. The longer the loading cycle the lower the productivity. With a front loader equipped with a Curotto-Can automated carry can, stop time (as measured from wheel stop to wheel go) is 4-5 seconds as compared to 12-18 seconds for an ASL. Compare:


ASL: does 10 services @ 10 seconds = 100 seconds
Curotto-Can: does 10 services @ 5 seconds + 20 second arm/fork cycle = 70 seconds


The Curotto-Can is the productivity leader.

Idling and packing are big fuel burners. The example above illustrates the idling advantage of the Curotto-Can. ASLs continuously pack, putting the engine under load during the entire route. The Curotto-Can system packs once per hopper dump.


ASL pack cycles per day- 3,000+
Curotto-Can pack cycles per day- 90-100


Less packing and idling = lower fuel consumption (up to 20% lower in an independent comparison).


Reduced Cart Costs (from loss or damage)

Consider what you spend on carts. Cart loss and damage are accepted as the cost of doing business with automation. It doesn’t have to be. The Curotto-Can automated carry can never packs carts. If a cart drops into the container hopper, the operator can simply and safely remove it. The Curotto-Can dumps carts much lower and with a much smoother action than ASLs. This means fewer damaged lids, wheels, and axles. The unique gripper design ensures no metal contacts the cart while gently applying pressure to the cart body, resulting in extended cart life. Costs from cart damage with the Curotto-Can automated carry can will go to near zero.


Greater Maneuverability

Because the arm is forward of the cab and steer axle it behaves like a boom. This unique feature enables the Curotto-Can to easily move around parked cars and cul-de-sacs – up to 20% faster in an independent comparison. Better maneuverability means fewer backing events resulting in improved productivity and enhanced safety.


AFL Means Safety

The Curotto-Can is the only automated system that provides an “Eyes-Forward” working environment and results in improved operator and public safety. Drivers aren’t required to “rubber neck” 1,000 times a day, in contrast to ASLs, drastically reducing Repetitive Stress Injury risk. Eyes-Forward collection improves driver awareness and focus, reducing the chance of personal property damage (mailboxes etc) and general public injury due to driver error. These inherent safety benefits combined with fewer backing events make a front loader equipped with a Curotto-Can THE choice for automation.


Contamination Mitigation

The Curotto-Can is the only automated system that allows the driver to see material before it’s packed. You can stop contamination in any stream at its source – the curb. Identifying and safely removing contamination while recording violations ensures clean waste streams. Curotto-Can users enjoy contamination rates as low a 4% while communities using ASLs suffer 25% contamination. Collecting clean material is a major cost avoidance and mitigates the risk of culling, handling, and disposing of contamination.


B — Utilizing the Front Loader Platform

Payload Leader

Simple math: more load capacity means fewer trips to the landfill!  On average, ASLs have a capacity of a little over 30 cubic yards. By comparison, front loaders have a massive 12-cubic-yard hopper plus a 28- to 31-cubic-yard body. This translates to higher route capacity serving more homes per route – especially on single stream routes. Moving more tonnage means fewer landfill trips and lower operating costs.


Fleet Optimization

Front loaders have a track record of robust construction and proven reliability, durability, and up time. Standardizing your fleet with the Curotto-Can system provides operational flexibility with fewer collection vehicle models to maintain. It can handle cleanups, bulk collection, commercial collection, single-stream routes, and green waste.


C—Low Lift-Over Height Means no Chasing The Route


The Curotto-Can system can be used on many different types of routes, including residential waste, single-stream recycling, green waste, food waste, and “take-all” routes where the operator needs to pick up bulk items such as furniture or appliances. The low lift-over height of the Curotto-Can automated carry can, combined with a hopper that is 4x larger than of an ASL, makes it easy to collect oversized cardboard containers, uncarted bags, and other bulk items. ASLs also have small hopper opening, even on drop-frame units, and cannot take larger items. In addition, Curotto-Can operators have a simple two-step work circle for bulk that can’t be grabbed with the arm – they can exit the cab, hand-load the material, and return to the cab in seconds. ASLs, in comparison, are limited to either residential or single-stream routes and typically require a separate rear loader to “chase” them and pick up the bulk items.

A Host of Add-On Options

The Curotto-Can system offers a multitude of add-on options, including an Autocover, Hopper Seal, RFID/Lift Counters, Work Lamps, Curb Access Controls, Spacer Kits, Dual Controls, and Weatherpack Connectors.